Avocado Toast

Rania recently discovered the yummy goodness of avocado toast. I find buying avocados like a game of chance: you have to be lucky to be able to get really good avocados here in Manila. Its always different each time, and they are not cheap either. Sometimes the seed is big, sometimes the meat is bitter, sometimes they look perfect on the outside but are bruised inside. So its like a lucky day when you actually chance upon the perfect ones. In my avocado toast recipe, I like using sourdough bread. I grill it on an iron skillet with olive oil. And the secret ingredient I use in my avocado mixture is the Lemon essential oil or lemon zest if you don’t have the oil. I’ve been using food grade and pure essential oil a lot in my cooking and I only get it from DoTerra. I also put pressed garlic or garlic powder for flavor. and chili flakes for a kick. Hope you like this recipe. Please leave a comment on how you like your avocado toast.

Makes 3 servings


2 Avocados

1 tbsp Olive and more for grilling bread

1 clove garlic, pressed

2 drops lemon oil, DoTerra/ Lemon zest

Salt and pepper

3 slices Sourdough bread

3 fried eggs

red pepper flakes


Pre heat cast iron skillet.

Brush bread with olive oil, grill until crispy

Meanwhile, cut avocado open and scoop out the meat and place it in a bowl.

Add olive oil, garlic, Lemon oil (Lemon zest), season with salt and pepper.

To assemble- on toast, put a heaping spoon of the avocado mixture and top with egg.

Sprinkle red pepper flakes and pepper.


A berry banana smoothie

A fun and simple smoothie sure to brighten up your day. My kids love them. Last week, my bananas were almost over ripe. I peeled them and put them in the freezer for a day like today.i don't like to waste fruits. Before they go bad, I peeled them, chopped them and place it in a ziplock to freeze. It is convenient for smoothie makes. And I love the textures it gives the smoothies. They ask for smoothies when they are in the mood for it. And that is about 3x a week.When I make the kids smoothies, I try to pack it with nutrients as much as I can without making it look green to them. Just for reference, my kids don't like smoothies that are green. No matter how tasty and sweet it is, if its green, they won't touch it. Sometimes I add flax seeds, rolled oats and powdered supplements. As long as they don't see, they consume it.

In this smoothie, I included:

  • Mixed berries for flavor because of its natural sweetness. It is low carb and packed with antioxidants and protein.
  • Bananas are packed with potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C.
  • Chia seeds helps make the smoothie thicker while its packed with calcium and Omega 3.
  • Greek yogurt for creamy texture and tangy flavor. It has the lowest added sugar among all yogurts and it is rich in lean protein, calcium, probiotics, and antioxidants.
  • Milk, you can use any milk you like. But I used oat for a non dairy option. You can use coconut, almond, soy or dairy milk.
  • For added sweetness, I used honey. I try to avoid refined and process sugar.


2 frozen bananas

1 c frozen berry medley

2 tbsp chia seeds

1/2 c greek yogurt, plain

2 c oat milk or more

honey to taste

Blend all the ingredient til smooth. Add more oat milk to thinner smoothies. Add more honey to make it sweeter.